Monday, June 15, 2015

Best Glass Cutting Gadget Ever - (video below)

It was San Bernadino’s Muriel Caffee (and her sidekick, Al) that first demonstrated for me the ease and utility of cutting glass on a turntable — a lazy Susan, basically — but something sturdy enough for studio work. Since then, I’ve told many skilled glass crafters the same thing and gotten only friendly nods and skeptical looks for my trouble. It’s not easy to grasp how handy cutting glass on a turntable is without seeing it done. If you're cutting straight lines, use a jig set-up. If you're pattern cutting, reach for the turntable. Both are indispensable in my studio. 

To help you find a good, sturdy unit like mine, I got online and searched for “Lazy Susans” and then “craft turntables”, but neither turned up the type of product that has worked so well for me. So I contacted Seattle Pottery Supply, where I bought mine years ago, and learned that what I have, in their catalog, is called a banding wheel. Most well-stocked ceramics suppliers have them listed as “banding wheels”, “wooden turntables” or just “turntables”.

Make sure to get a smooth, hard surface — no plastic or rubber that could become embedded with sharps. Avoid texture or ridges in the surface. When I want padding, I just cover mine with a piece of soft fabric. I'd also suggest a unit that sits flat and close to the surface — lots of what you'll find are built on stands or pedestals. In the SPS catalog they’re called simply “SPS - banding wheel - heavy duty pressboard”. They range from eight to sixteen inches in diameter and, at this writing, from $21 to $36 in price. The surface is smooth formica.

Check with your glass supplier first — if they don't have it, look to the ceramics side of things. 

Use one of these for awhile and you’ll never go back!


  1. Thank you so much for sharing. Love your ideas and tips. I have a turntable my grandma gave to me and it is hidden in the cabinet. Now it will make its way into the studio.

  2. Jim - Thank you for all your information and tips - they have been so helpful - love all your fusing ideas! Would love to see more!

  3. Thanks Jim love all your videos and tips you explain things in great detail,being new to glass fusing I find it a great help

  4. Thank you so much for sharing! my sister has a turntable she uses it to cut cakes but i'm going to be taking it from her to cut down my cracked mirror!

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  6. What diameter SPS wheel are you using