Thursday, March 1, 2018

Spirit Tablets - A Glasshoppa Patron Exclusive

It was never my intention to combine these two very different, but apparently compatible techniques into a single project, but the idea evolved of its own energy and well, here we are.

Fossil Vitra and Kiln Carving … both deep with design possibilities and both popular misnomers. I believe the former originated at Helios Glass (Austin, TX) and the name must derive from the ancient appearance that the technique tends to impart. And the latter? Another curious moniker from the creative minds at Bullseye. We could call them “Organic Burnoff” and “Fiber Forming” respectively, but that would just be rowing upstream, so again, here we are.
The Project PDF that accompanies the video includes two time-honored Chinese symbols that are simple to produce in fiber and should be appealing to buyers. Hundreds of others are easy to find online. It’s a little flimsy to use these characters cut from manila folder stock, the medium I’ve always used for making templates, and that led me find to a new and much superior material:  clear polypropylene sheet. It’s strong but flexible, cuts easily with scissors, will stand up to hundreds of uses and it’s cheap. I got mine at:

Tap Plastics  -- 20+ west coast stores and a fine website:

Don’t feel like these techniques have to be used in combination. They will each stand alone and usually do.  I’m sure we’ll employ them again in future Glasshoppa projects. Meanwhile, enjoy making and selling these venerable Spirit Tablets

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  1. You are awesome! Just started using a kiln and your videos are so inspirational. I love that you show the mishaps as well. Trouble shooting is so helpful. Thank you. I also love your sense of humor.

  2. where can you buy the turn table you showed on you tube? Or did you make it?

    1. Sorry - I was never notified of this comment... Go here: